Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dare I Say It?

Super-Tuesday is only six days away. I've done pretty good at keeping my mouth shut in school and even on this blog about politics. My family knows who I support for the presidency, even though not all of them agree. (My brother thought Fred Thompson was going to ride in and save the worl
d.) At one time, I was pro-Guillani---after all, he WAS America's mayor, and a pretty dang good one in my opinion. So as Republican candidates drop like flies (well, except for Ron Paul, but is he really a Republican anyway?), I have to tell the truth and explain why I will NOT be voting for John McCain.

For my entir
e life, I have been a good judge of character. Maybe that's part of the gift of discernment I was blessed with. Who knows. But the fact remains, I can't think of a time my initial gut feeling toward someone I have met has turned out to be wrong.

In 1996, I attended a rally for Senator Bob Dole at the Salt Lake City airport. John McCain also appeared at the rally. I had the opportunity to meet them both, just for a handshake, but that was enough. I felt an immediate sense of connection to Senator Dole. He was warm and genuine in the way he spoke to eve
ryone as he passed through the crowd. He looked people in the eye and spoke directly to them as he shook each person's hand. His speech was brief, yet heart-felt.

Senator John McCain was another story. His speech was that of an uncaring politician. It was obvious he was here not to promote Senator Dole, so much as to make himself look good during a election year, where he hoped to be picked as a vice-presidential candidate. A cold chill passed over me as I shook his hand, and I felt like I had just touched something slimy. His eyes darted around, never focusing on anyone, including me as he shook hands. My gut reaction was: "Avoid!" I was fearful that Dole would choose him as a running mate and I would be forced to vote for this man , even though I had such a negative reaction to him at our brief meeting. (Thankfully, Dole chose Jack Kemp, a man for whom I had much mor
e respect.)

Here we are twelve years later, and I might face yet another difficult choice. Can I make myself vote for McCain if he wins the primary? Will I really be voting for his running mate, hoping that person could actually hold the country together? Will I be forced to look at another four years of a Clinton in the White House if I don't vote at all? I certainly hope not.

I've never met Mitt Romney, but I know his values. I know the values of his family. I know people with whom he associates, and they are people I like and respect. That's why my vote will be going to Mitt. He is a man I can trust. He is a man who respects the Constitution. He is a man who will lead our country toward a better tomorrow. He is a man who isn't afraid to look at both sides of an issue, admit when he was wrong and change his mind.

I hope you will take the time to truly study the history of these two men, then decide for yourself which one you would rather have lead our country for the next four years. If you follow your gut like I do, you'll know which choice you have to make.


Tristi Pinkston said...

Trust those instincts! If the man won't even meet your eye while he's shaking your hand, flee! Flee!

Janette Rallison said...

Go Mitt! (Hey, I live in Arizona, and I don't vote for McCain for senator when he's unopposed.)