Friday, January 14, 2011

Week in Review: Neflix is my New BFF

Several years ago I mentioned to my husband what I thought would be a million dollar idea. “What if there were a way to deliver the movies you wanted directly to your television without having to make a trip to the video store?”

If only those million dollar ideas could be developed more quickly, then maybe I would have owned Netflix and been sitting at home basking in the monthly income they have got to be making. But I didn’t, and the cash doesn’t come home to roost with me.

But that’s okay. Netflix is still me new best friend, and maybe forever.

Because of my husband’s job he doesn’t always get to watch TV, and he loves to watch TV. He can channel-surf among the best of them. He also likes to watch movies, but doesn’t always have a schedule that permits him to go to the theater at a normal time of day. So, some time ago he discovered Netflix, actually back in the day before they have the live stream. Off and on he subscribed to the service, but none of us at home ever knew much about it, how it worked, or when we were ever actually get the movie we wanted, so we didn’t pay a whole lot of attention.

Until a couple of weeks ago when he told me, “I’ve signed up for Netflix again, and you can now stream movies directly to your laptop. I’ve been doing it at work when they don’t need me on set. I think you’ll like it.”

Now I had streamed video before, so I understood the concept and I thought it was worth a try. We didn’t plan to tell the boys until Christmas because we knew that 1. Chan would want to be online ALL the time, and 2. We needed to wait until they got their new computer to have a place for them to access it. I was home alone following some dental surgery and decided now was the time to give it a try.

Once I got past the barriers of discovering my old computer couldn’t keep up with the necessary memory needs to run a movie and being frustrated that the internet connection on my laptop was having serious issues that day, I finally got the password from my husband and signed onto his computer, settling in to watch my first film on Netflix.

And I was hooked. Since then I’ve watched several movies, an entire season of a TV show I wanted to watch but never seemed to be home for, and picking the time of day I wanted to watch American Pickers instead of giving up reading or sleep time to watch when it was on cable.

I’ve started a list of movies I still want to see. Already it’s over three pages long. And last night I discovered I can stream a movie I really wanted to see that never came to Spanish Fork, Utah. Whoo Hoo!

So it’s easy to see why Netflix has become my new BFF, and all of it is cheaper per month that either cable TV or taking the whole fam to the movie. Gotta love it!

Confessions of a Shopaholic – This is the first movie I watched on Netflix, and the experience was just a great as when I saw the film in the theater. So what if I keep thinking that Isla Fisher is really Amy Adams in disguise, I totally loved this movie and the character of Rebecca Bloomwood. She is so much like me, yet nothing like me. I don’t live in New York; I don’t buy high fashion clothes; and I don’t need to impress some hot, young editor. Well, maybe I d if I really want to be publishing in the big time, but you know what I mean. What we do has in common is a passion---a passion for writing, a passion for buying (books are my addiction), and a passion for life. Rebecca Bloomwood has it all, and in the end she even gets it all. I loved the movie so much, I went to the library–yes, I CAN be frugal when I must–and checked out another one of the books in the Shopaholic series written by Sophie Kinsella. Could more movies be in the works?

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