Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Writing Wisdom: Ann McIndoo

Did you ever think you’d like to write a book? Writing coach Ann McIndoo not only challenges her clients write their book in 90 days; she also tells them to position themselves to be famous.

“Establish your credibility as an expert by writing a book,” she says. “Publicity and speaking engagements are much easier to get when you’ve got the book to use as your calling card.” A book opens doors for you to meet influential people.

As Mark Victor Hansen says, “People will remember you by the books you write.”

McIndoo says there are four reasons why people don’t get their books written:
    ●    No Deadlines
    ●    No Structure
    ●    No Commitment
    ●    No Coach to keep them on track

“If you want to write a non-fiction book, then you must have these four elements,” McIndoo says. She divides the process into five key steps.

Key #1 Set a Deadline

“Decide, commit, and resolve should be your goals,” she says. “Set up a writing place and schedule your time to work on it. You must take action by stepping forward.”

Key #2 Set a Structure

“Decide your chapters, put the subjects in order, and look for sub-topics to go into each chapter,” she says.

She encourages her clients to go on an Author’s Personal Book Tour by physically going to the bookstore and checking out the competition. “Look at the components of the books that are your competition,” she says. “What three sections of the store does your book belong in? Make a space on the shelf for YOUR book.”

Stephen R. Covey says, “Successful people begin with the end in mind,” and McIndoo says a great way to do this yourself is to physically see your book in that space you made on the shelf.

Key #3 Proven Success

“Follow the success of others,” she says. “Proven shortcuts equal results. Get your book done quickly by seeing what others have already done.”

Key #4 Get a Coach

“Have a coach or a support group. This act alone will help you make progress because you’ll be held accountable to others,” she says.

Key #5 Set a Special Time to Write

“Make an appointment with yourself to write,” she says. “Set up your writing environment, then follow the three Ds of Writing: Discipline, Dedication, and Determination.”

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