Friday, August 05, 2011

Week in Review – Chan Staheli, At the Movies

Any of you who know my son Chan knows that he is not only a movie affectinado, but also that his life intention is to be an actor and film director. You also know that Chan is not afraid to let the public know about his passions. This has been evident quite a bit lately from his appearances as a variety of film characters as he attends the opening night shows of new movies starring his favorite characters. I’ve been three of those movies with him recently myself, and it’s those films I’ll write about today. Of course, I’ll also let you get a chance to see just what life can be like with Chan Staheli in the house. Why did I think since I had no daughters that I would ever have to worry about playing dress up?

Cowboys and Aliens
The second we heard this movie would be starring Harrison Ford, there was no question but that Chan, and the rest of the family, would be seeing this one. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably already seen photos of Chan, or perhaps watched his movies, of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, seeing him in his full costume regalia. Harrison Ford is not only an icon, but he is nearly worshiped in Chan’s world. I’m happy to say that Harrison Ford did not let us down. Okay, the concept sounds dorky---a Western town invaded by scary aliens? And one cowboy’s ability to fight them because of some incredibly chunky bracelet he wears? The screenwriter was kidding, right? Nope, and it turned out to be okay. If you like westerns, you’ll love this film. If you like frightening aliens, you’ll also love it. Put the two together, add Harrison Ford and stir in some Daniel Craig, and Cowboys and Aliens was a winner!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
The boy wizard has been part of our lives from the beginning. I was the first one to discover Harry, having read Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets long before the series became the phenomenon it is today. We have Harry Potter dolls, wands, and board games at our house. My husband became so addicted he listened to the CDs every time he commuted to Los Angeles from Utah, which is quite often since that’s where he works and we live in Utah. He would read the books themselves in the first 24 hours after they were released. He, along with Chan, Kent and I have enjoyed the movies as well, usually going together as a family on opening weekend. As luck had it, my husband was working in L.A. for this time around and he was bummed---not only would we see the movie before he did, but we also had early tickets to see it before the midnight show. But that didn’t stop the rest of us from going, and enjoying it enough that we’ve been back to see it a second for Zach and me, and third time for Chan and Kent. This is the darkest and most violent of the films, but if you’ve grown up with Harry, you’ll definitely need to see this one. It’s already made it into the Billion Dollar Club with worldwide tickets sales, so I know many other people agree with me. Either Chan or Kent had a Harry Potter costume one year for Halloween, but somehow the one Chan put together for this event seemed a little more authentic.

Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides
We are a Disney family. We have annual passes and have been to Disneyland several times already this year. The last time we went as an entire family, Chan wore part of his Captain Jack Sparrow costume into the park and had a great time feeling the part on the Pirates of the Carribean ride and at the Pirate’s Lair on what used to be Tom Sawyer’s Island. When you get a look at this photo of Chan (yep, that’s really him and not Johnny Depp) is it any wonder that we’ve seen the newest version of Pirates several times? I really enjoyed this movie, loved the subtlety of the jokes broadness of the physical comedy. We already have the Blue Ray 3 pack DVD set on order, and I’m sure we will be watching this one again and again. But until it arrives, we always have Chan around to remind us of the best lines from the movie.

Anybody want to hire this kid for a personal appearance at a child's birthday party?

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