Friday, February 24, 2012

When Hearts Conjoin Sampler FREE on Kindle

You might recall the book I wrote several years ago for the Herrin family about their conjoined twins, Kendra and Maliyah. Well, I've now gone high-tech in the world of book promotion. Through arrangements with the publisher, I've been able to use part of the book, as well as two articles I wrote about the girls and published in magazines at the time of the book's release, I've been able to put together a Kindle sampler. That sampler will be available for FREE starting at midnight Friday, February 24th and running through midnight Wednesday, February 29th. Those who download the Kindle sampler are eligible to purchase a softcover copy of the book at a greatly reduced price. I'd love to see the sampler make it into Kindle's Top 100 FREE downloads over the next few weeks. You don't have to own a Kindle to "purchase" the free download. FREE Kindle apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and your PC. Thanks for passing along the word.


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