Sunday, January 28, 2007

Making Progress

Do you ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels in the sand? That’s how I feel most of the time anymore it seems, even though I know I’m actually making progress. The stack of papers on my desk at school diminished by two whole class sets this week, I finished reading two books I needed to review, and I managed to write both newspaper columns this morning in less than an hour.

When I forget how much I really have accomplished, I take a minute to look over my planner and submission calendar, then give myself a pat on the back. Too often we let all the things we still need to do overshadow all the things we’ve already done.

Each of us is given the same amount of time each day. It’s up to us how we use it. As for me, I’m making progress today with my “To Do” list. Only five hundred and fifty-seven more things to do before I go to bed tonight.

Actually, I’m just kidding because I just checked off this blog, so now I have one less thing to do!

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