Sunday, January 14, 2007

Swimming in the Ocean of Paperwork

The end of the first semester and I’m still drowning in papers, papers, papers. It’s amazing how many papers 150 or so students can create at the end of a term—especially when they procrastinate and turn everything in at the last minute. Oh, how I love those students who finish their play reviews or reading logs early and hand them in weeks before the final deadline.

Final grades are finished and entered into the computer—a process which only crashed twice this time. Yippee and hallelujah. This week, I look forward to reading the very first literacy analysis papers my 9th grade honor English students have ever written. Based on the ones they volunteered to read aloud, the process shouldn’t be too painful to withstand.

I’ll actually have a little time to read them leisurely because my student teacher will be taking over a few class periods throughout the week. I threw him into the saddle for a little bit of time last week—letting him get a taste of reading a short story aloud and playing a well-organized vocabulary game. Now it’s time to throw him into the pool and watch him sink or swim. I have a feeling this one’s going to swim with no problem.

Now if I can only make it through the ocean of work I have awaiting me as my own new semester of graduate classes swing into full gear. If only the stack of edits awaiting my own work don’t overtake the computer keyboard like a tsunami, I should be back again next week.

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