Saturday, September 29, 2007

The World is My Audience

The desire of my heart has always been to publish for a worldwide audience. Today, it finally sunk in, that is exactly what I’m doing—and in more places than I ever thought possible. And to think this epiphany came to me because of a little icon titled Stat Counter on my blog site.

One click and I discovered that Saturday seems to be the most popular day for people to visit my blog. That may be because I often write on Friday or Saturday, or it could be because that’s when my readers are home with extra time on their hands.

Another click tells me readers are coming via other websites where I write (LuAnnsLibraryTechnology and Library MediaFriendzy, both at blogspotcom) or after visiting websites run by my friends ( or Some viewers stopped in directly from, and a few did Google or MSN searches for me by name. Cool, huh?

As I expected, the majority of my readers are from North America, but I had no idea they were coming from so many states. Canada also has a fair-sized showing, and I don’t even know anyone in Canada! The United Kingdom and Sweden join France, Israel, Australia, Germany, Turkey, Chili, The Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, and India who also have at least one person who has stopped by.

I don’t know how you found me, but welcome all! And thanks for making my dreams of being an internationally known author closer to becoming true.

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Annette Lyon said...

That's pretty amazing, Lu Ann! Congrats on reaching around the world. Who knows where your influence will land.