Sunday, October 07, 2007

In Case You Haven't Noticed . . .

I'm expanding my blogs to include more of what people are asking me for. You'll see a new list of blogs under the Lu Ann's Blogs section on my home page. Let me give you a brief rundown of what each link takes you to:

Library Media Friendzy --- A place where current and future librarians can discuss books, lessons, and more about being an effective library media specialist.

Lu Ann's Book Review --- Reviews or blurbs about books I've read. Occasionally you'll find an interview here with an author.

Lu Ann's Library Technology ---
Technology issues for educators, secondary students, teachers, librarians, and writers.

Lu Ann Staheli. com --- General information about my teaching and writing careers.

Out of the Best Books --- My newspaper columns from the Spanish Fork News.

Read All About It --- My newspaper columns from the Spanish Fork Press.

Writers in Heels --- A group of authors who have established a web-ring of their blogs.

Writing on the Wall --- The blog about writing from members of the Precision Editing Group.

I also have a new blog coming at I'll add the link for that one soon. In the meantime, I hope you'll check out my other blogs. Hopefully you'll find something there that interests YOU!


Josi said...

whew you're a busy girl! Good luck.

zquist said...

Well mrs. staheli after months of not posting on my blog, I finally gave in and deleted it. I have started a new blog, hopefully this one takes off, I have hope!! If you get a chance to stop by check it out, there isn't much there yet.

By the way your blog is awesome and I love to stop by and read it. Hope those new 9th graders are not too much trouble. Haha
Zac Quist