Saturday, April 26, 2008

Smalltown U.S.A. Goes to Nashville

I grew up in Alexandria, Indiana, a small farming community that was once made famous as it was chosen for a brochure during World War II that depicted what life was like in Smalltown, U.S.A. This booklet featured photographs of my brother-in-law as a small child on his family's farm.

I've been to that farm many times. It sits right next to the house where my sister raised her family. Today, the old homestead and farm are owned by Jack & June Martin. I've known June since I was a kid. She used to sing gospel music in the church my mother took me to, and her younger sister Mary Ann was a friend of mine in school. June had the voice of an angel, and I loved to listen to her sing.

All that family history and knowing how beautiful June could sing, made it a natural choice for me to buy a CD, songs unheard, by her daughter Joey Martin when I heard about it in 2005. I was not disappointed! This CD is my absolute country favorite. It's downloaded on my computer and my iPod. I keep the CD in the car where I can listen on my commute.

Like her mother, Joey, too, has the voice of an angel.

Today I discovered that Joey and her songwriter-husband Rory are contestants on "Can You Duet," the country music contest from American Idol producers on CMT. Soon America will know how great Joey can sing, too!

If you've got time, in between voting for David Archuleta, I'm here to invite you to send a few votes Joey's way too.

If you'd like more information about Joey and Rory, visit their website JOEY AND RORY
(You can even download a copy of Joey's solo CD while you're there.)

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