Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today I've been a busy bee.

I've updated all of my blogs, made sure everything I needed to do for my graduate classes was done, and folded a ton of laundry. I also wrote both of my newspaper columns, something I've been on a two month vacation from because of all the graduate assignments I had to get done.

Of course, I still have lots to do before the day is done. There are two manuscripts sitting on my computer that I need to finish editing for clients, three chapters of one of my own novels to polish and get submitted to the editor who requested them, and a screenplay to continue work on.

The likelihood of getting everything finished before sleep and exhaustion overtakes me? Slim to none.

Tonight my husband is taking me out to dinner. The momentous occasion is that tomorrow is my birthday.

On Monday, I'll be back at work, trying my best to get everything done. Yesterday was midterm at the school where I teach, Friday I walk in graduation for my Master's degree, and fewer than twenty school days until summer vacation.

And this bee can't wait until she has more days of the week to spend in her hive, getting her personal writing goals done!

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Tamra Norton said...

Congratulations on the Masters! You are a very busy lady, indeed. And truly amazing to keep up with all you do! :)