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2008-2009 Student Book Recommendations

Every year I ask my students to give me the titles of Ten books they have read this year that they liked well enough to recommend to other readers. This list is LONG (278 titles---I listed series as titles), but I thought some of you might find it interesting, especially if you are writing for middle grade students. Maybe you'll want to copy the list and print it out for a reading list of your own, or to share with your middle grade students. The kids who listed their books are all 7th graders. Some of you will find your own books among the titles!

Anderson - Maybird series
Anderson - Peaches
Anderson – Speak
Anderson - Teacher’s Pet
Anderson – Twisted
Anderson – Wintergirls
Armstrong - The Summoning
Avi – Wolf Rider
Baillet - The Calder Game
Balliet - The Wright 3
Banks – The Indian in the Cupboard series
Barklem - The Secret Staircase
Barry & Pearson – Peters and the Starcatchers series
Baxter – Sunstorm
Bellow – Michael Jordan
Benz – Grey Griffins series
Bettes – Where the Heart Is
Bierce - Civil War Stories
Blume - Superfudge
Bosch – The Name of This Book is Secret
Brashares – The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series
Brown – Angels & Demons
Buckley – Chickens in the Headlights
Buckley – Sisters Grimm series
Burnford - The Incredible Journey
Byng - Molly Moon series
Cabot – Aithead
Cabot – The Princess Diaries series
Carter – I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have to Kill You series
Cashore - Graceling
Cast – Betrayed
Cast – Marked
Chima – The Warrior series
Choldenko - Al Capone Does My Shirts
Clements – Frindle
Clements – The School Story
Clements – Things Not Seen
Clements - Room One
Colfer – Airman
Colfer – Artemis Fowl series
Colfer – Benny & Oman
Colfer – The Supernaturalist
Collins - Gregor series
Condie – Reunion
Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Creech – Bloomability
Creech – Heartbeat
Creech – Ruby Holler
Creech – Walk Two Moons
Crichton – Airframe
Crichton – Jurassic Park
Crutcher – Iron Man
Curtis – Bud, Not Buddy
Dahl – George’s Marvelous Medicine
Daley - Star Wars: Han Solo trilogy
Dashner – The 13th Reality series
David & Draper - We Beat the Street
DavisGarfield series
De la Cruz – Bluebloods
De la Cruz – Masquerade
De Mari - The Last Dragon
Delaney - The Last Apprentice series
Dessen – Just Listen
Dessen - Keeping the Moon
Dessen – Lock and Key
Dessen – The Truth About Forever
Di Camillo – The Tale of Despereaux
Dickens – David Copperfield
D'lacey - The Fire Within series
Elliott - Under a War Torn Sky
Evans – The Christmas Box
Fairstein – Entombed
Farmer - Sea of Trolls
Ferris – Once Upon a Marigold
Fitzgerald – The Great Brain series
Fletcher - Stoneheart trilogy
Forman – Adventurer’s Wanted: Slathbog’s Gold
Frank – Diary of a Young Girl
Friend – Perfect
Funke – Inkheart series
Gardner - Stone Fox
Gibson – Old Yeller
Gies - Anne Frank Remembered
Giff - Pictures of Hollis Woods
Goldman – The Princess Bride
Haddam - Cheating at Solitaire
Haddix - Palace of Mirrors
Haddix – Running Out of Time
Haddix – The Missing: Found
Haddix – Turnabout
Hale – Austenland
Hale – Book of a Thousand Days
Hale – Enna Burning
Hales – Goose Girl
Hales – The Princess Academy
Hansen – Macady
Heimerdinger – Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites series
Heinlein – The Final Frontier
Hiaasen - Scat
Hiaisen – Hoot
Hickam – October Sky
Hinton – Rumble Fish
Hinton – The Outsiders
Hobbs – Far North
Hobbs – Ghost Canoe
Hobbs – Jason’s Gold
HobbsWild Man Island
Holt – Part of Me
Holt – When Zachary Beaver Came to Town
Hopkins – Burned
Hopkins – Crank
Hopkins – Glass
Horowitz - Groosham Grange
Horowitz – Alex Rider series
Horowitz – The Gatekeepers series
Hunter - Warriors series
Ibbotson – The Great Ghost Rescue
Johnson - 13 Little Blue Envelopes
Jones – King James: The Real Story
Jordan – The Eye of the World series
Kadohata - Kira – Kira
Kehret - The Blizzard Disaster
Kinney - Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
Klein - Con Ed
Koonz – Velocity
Korman - Kidnapped
Korman - Schooled
Kostick - Epic
Landy - Skulldugery Pleasant series
Lasky - Guardians of Ga’hoole series
Levine – Dave at Night
Levine – Ella Enchanted
Levine – Princess series
Lewis – The Chronicles of Narnia series
Logue – Dancing with an Alien
London – White Fang
Lord – A Night to Remember
Lubar - Hidden Talents
Lund – Fire of the Covenant
Lund – The Alliance
Lund – The Work and the Glory series
Lupica – Heat
Lupica – The Big Field
Mac Hale - Pendragon series
Mangum - The Secret Journal of Brett Colton
Martin - Missing Since Monday
Martinez - Parrot in the Oven
Mazer - The Missing Girl
McCormick – Cut
Meyers – Twilight saga
Mikaelsen – Tree Girl
Montague – Fireweed
Moody - Best Friends
Moore – Out of Jerusalem series
Mull – The Candy Shop War
Mulle – Fablehaven series
Myers - The Mouse Rap
Naylor – Shiloh
Nichols - A Walk Out of the World
Nimmo – Charlie Bone series
Nimoy – I Am Spock
Nix – Keys to the Kingdom series
O’Dell – Island of the Blue Dolphins
Osborn – The Magic Treehouse series
Palahniuk - Haunted
Paolini – Eragon series
Patterson – Maximum Ride series
Paulsen – Soldier Heart
Paulsen – The Car
Paulson – Hatchet
Pelzer – A Child Called It series
Peretti – Monster
Perez - Dead is the New Black
Peterson - Jip
Petterson – Max series
Pfeffer - Life as We Knew It series
Pratchet – Going Postal
Pratchet – Thud
Qualey - Hometown
Raskin – The Westing Game
Rawls – Summer of the Monkeys
Rawls – Where the Red Fern Grows
Reeder - Foster’s War
Rees – Pirates
Riordan – Percy Jackson and the Olympians series
Rodgers - Freaky Friday
Rottman – Stetson
Rowling – Harry Potter series
Roy - Yellow Star
Sachar – Holes
Sachar – Tales from the Wayside Schools series
Sachar – The Boy Who Lost His Face
Sage – Magyk series
Sanderson – Mistborn series
Savage – Far World series
Schreiber - Vampire Kisses
Selznik - The Invention of Hugo Caret
Sewell – Black Beauty
Shan – Cirque du Freak series
Shan – The Dementor series
Shreve – Light on Snow
Shrieber – Teenage Mermaid
Shusterman - Everlost
Shusterman - The Schwa Was Here
Skye – Leven Thumps series
Slaughter – Indelible
Smith – Elephant Run
Smith – Everest series
Smith – I.Q.
Smith – Island series
Smith – On the Run
Smith – Peak
Smith – Sasquatch
Smith – Tantalize
Smith – Zach’s Lie series
Snickett – The Series of Unfortunate Events
Somper - Vampirates series
Soto – Taking Sides
Sparks - The Wedding
Speare – The Sign of the Beaver
Spinelli – Milkweed
Staheli – When Hearts Conjoin
Stansfield – Christmas Melody; The Three Gifts of Christmas
Stansfield – A Promise of Forever
Stansfield – Barington Family series
Stansfield – Gables Face East series
Stansfield – The Eternal Bond
Stansfield – The Miracle
Stansfield – The Silver Linings
Stansfield – The Sound of Rain series
Stansfield –Stansfield – Towers of Brierly
Stansfield – Where the Heart Leads series
Stansfield –First Love and Forever series
Staub – Lily Dale series
Stine – Goosbumps series
Stine – The Evil Moon
Stine – The New Boy
Stine – The Overnight
Strasser - Help! I’m Trapped in Obedience School
Tarkington – Penrod
Taylor – Walking Up a Rainbow
Temple - Grab Hands and Run
Timlonson - Extreme Sports
Tolkien – The Hobbit
Traditional - The Arabian Nights
Trueman - Inside Out
Turner - Hard Hit
Updale - Montmorency series
Van Draanen - Runaway
Van Draasen – Flipped
Van Draasen – Sammy Keyes series
Various – The 39 Clues series
Wallace - Trapped in Death Cave
Warner - The Box Car Children series
Waterson – Calvin & Hobbes series
Weeks - Jumping the Scratch
Wells - Chance Encounters
Wells – The War of the Worlds
Westerfeld - Uglies series
Weyland – Ashley & Jen
Weyland – Charley
Weyland – Emily
Weyland – Megan
Weyland- Brittany
White - Surviving Antarctica
Wilhite - Bright Blue Miracle
Wilkinson - Dragon Keeper
Wright – Christmas Jars
Wright – The Eyes of the World
Wright – The Mine with the Iron Door
Wright – The Printer of Udells
Wright – The Re-Creation of Brian Kent
Wright – The Shepherd of the Hills
Wright – The Wednesday Letters
Yancey - The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp
Yorgason – Charlie’s Monument
Yorgason – One Tattered Angel
Zevin - Elsewhere

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