Thursday, January 05, 2012

Getting Ahead of Myself

A rare thing has happened. I’ve actually gotten ahead on the postings for my blog this week, and therefore posted some of the entries earlier than they should have been scheduled. Don’t expect that to happen very often.

Part of the reason I got off schedule because I’m using the entries I have been doing on Tuesdays, Writing Wisdom, for a new book that I hope to have available in the next couple of months. The book will be a collection of what I’ve learned from authors, editors and agents over the years which I hope will teach potential authors things they need to know as they make their first forays into the business, and will motivate those of us who are already writing and publishing to try new things that could enrich our careers. I was so busy organizing and editing the previous blogs on this topics that I forgot to write a new one.

No matter how far ahead I seem when it comes to the blog, I’m still behind in too many other areas. I have a revision to finish this month on a manuscript, and I won’t even tell you how many books I am behind on my reading for the contest I’m judging! The number of entries in my category this year is INSANE!

And that’s how many of you view me because of the number of things I try to accomplish all at the same time. Maybe I am, but I like the challenge.

How about you?

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